Watermarks & Signatures


I know everyone loves to put their watermark or logo on their photos, and I’ve seen some nice ones and some pretty crap ones too! Some people like the big “in your face” watermark, some like the small little copyright and persons name, … some even like to put a massive transparent website address across the middle of the photo, and gees a lot of them look crap and really spoil the image. I understand the photographer wants to protect their image? but is anyone actually stealing it? would they pay you to remove the watermark? I think the majority of people that would take your photo are not going to pay you for it anyway. Are you thinking that if you put your website on the photo and people use it that you’ll get more exposure? How’s that working for you?

I’ve noticed a few people/photographers posting up their photos without any watermarks and I think it looks better, and they’re not paranoid about anyone stealing them. They don’t care about people using their photos, and really, does the photographer lose out in any way in reality?

What does Photography mean to you?



There is a lot of debate about what you’re allowed to and what you’re not allowed to do in the area of photography. Photographer bloggers write articles about how you don’t need a fancy camera to make good photos, I think it’s funny how they all have fancy cameras!

Some say you don’t need the high megapixel cameras available today and it’s a whole marketing scam by the manufacturers to make more money for themselves. I think they aim this at the “newbie”, where someone is just starting out in the hobby and they want to buy something decent. Some articles seem to be written by old angry people, and some by relatively new to the scene trendy photographers, which ever, both seem to annoy me.

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Photographer vs Newbie “What camera do you have?”


The general complaint here is, the photographer gets angry when a newbie sees the photographers fantastic images, the newbie will ask what kind of camera they have. At this point, the photographer throws their arms up in a fit of rage and says it doesn’t matter what kind of camera they have, they have awesome skills and the fantastic photo is a result of those awesome skills and not the camera.

My view is…

1. The photographer doesn’t have a cheap camera, they have the best they can afford, and it makes a huge difference to the final image.

2. Why get upset about someone taking an interest in you and your images? I assume the photographer may feel as though they aren’t given the respect they deserve, but hey, no point getting angry about it, because you just come across like another angry photographer :-)

3. If the photographer is confident in their own ability/skills, then it wont be any problem discussing camera equipment because the newbie wont be able to create such great images with the same equipment anyway?

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Macro Photography

Everyone loves Macro! ..and it’s relatively easy to do once you know how. Lots of people see Macro shots and have a little try with their camera and get pretty average results and then think it’s all too hard and give up. With the average camera equipment and non macro lens, you wont get those true macro shots, you can only hope to get some “close ups” and maybe “crop them in” on your computer.

If you’re starting out with average equipment you can improve your chances of a nice shot if you put in a little effort. Follow these steps and you’ll get a better image…..

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